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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  March 9, 2013 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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found out today that our very own andrea has got a new radio show start not guilty january, has debuted at number 7 in the country. congratulations to andrea. she's well deserved. some people in front of her that i think would not be -- it wouldn't be a great loss. >> bob. >> suggesting they get killed? >> who? >> well, you could do things that way. >> bob, don't do anything rash. >> i wouldn't do anything rash. i was the first guest on your show. >> you were the first guest on my show. >> that's why that first day yo didn't do too well. >> you have to come back, we have a newco game show. >> you asked me some ridiculous questions about something. >> we played a little game show. >> yeah. >> we played one with eric, too. rock and load with eric. we played a country music quiz with dana. >> congratulations on that. >> thank you very much. we've beena. working very, very hard. >> my turn? v >> yes, eric. >> okay. one more time.
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there is still time. open our white house. open our white house. let's see if we can get it trending again. it'sit been trending on and offo all day. if you want to twitter, twitter at press sec. let them know. >> hash tag to eric. >> don't forget "cashin' in":3 tomorrow. >> i'll tweet awe picture of jasper. [ laughter ] my other job. >> that's your currency. >> all right. red eye, new "red eye" att 11:00 p.m. east coast time. 8:00 p.m. pacific. tucker carlson, and others. should be a fund show. it's a new show. >> this self-promotion, i don't believe it. >> there is a difference between self-promotion and g promotion. i'm promoting a fox news show. >> i see. when is the new book due out? >> end of the year. >> end of the year?
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>> end of the year. >> okay. that means we'll start promoting it, what, by june? >> two >> that's it for "the five." have a great weekend, everyone. >> arthel: hello, everybody. i'm arthel neville. >> i'm gregg jarrett in for rick folbaum. topping the news this hour, that late winter storm packing a far greater than expected wallop. folks in new england now coping with demolished homes condemned, a lot of them, downed power lines and coastal flooding. >> arthel: our new defense secretary speaks out in afghanistan after two deadly homicide attacks that have killed at least 19 people, including a u.s. contractor. >> and saying good-bye to one of the last american heros who flew the very first major air attack over japan in world war ii just a few short months after pearl harbor. >> arthel: we start here, gregg,
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lawmakers in colorado debate ago string of tough new gun laws this weekend. gun control, emotional issue for that state after last summer's movie theater massacre in aurora. and 1999's school shooting at columbine. this vote is shaping up to be close and it could have a big impact on gun laws across the country. dominic is live in los angeles with the story. >> just how crucial is it took six hours to debate a single measure, reducing the magazine size of assault weapons to just 15 rounds, was the point and issue there. this, of course, in the state between the horrific shootings, but western heritage. gun ownership really is part of daily life for many in colorado. >> if you want to buy a gun, you have to get a background check. then if you want to have a high capacity magazine, we're going to limit that to 15. and it will be grandfathered in. so those folks who have those
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types of ammunition, they can keep them. they just won't be sold once the bill is passed, they will not be able to purchase them or transfer them in the state. >> here is what got advanced to the final vote stage, which is due monday now. universal background checks to include gun purchases between private individuals, as well as sales conducted on-line. that magazine size reduced to 15 rounds. magazines no longer holding 28 inches of shells. lastly, there is a gun ban for all people accused of domestic violence. it's more than likely the governor will pass them into law come monday. but democrats dropped two controversial measures because they couldn't raise support from within their own party. both a gun ban on college campuses and holding liability on assault weapon owners to
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damages caused by their weapons. democrats couldn't get either of those through. it's not clear whether we'll see those bills returned to the senate floor. arthel? >> arthel: all eyes on that. by the way, that is a tongue twister. all righty. good job. see you later. gun debate is also picking up some steam in a tiny town in maine that's considering a rather unusual measure. byron, which is home to 140 people s deciding whether to make it mandatory for residents to own a gun. a local leader is saying she expects that measure to pass during an up or down vote in town on monday, handful of communities across the country have considered some similar plans trying to preempt gun control moves following that massacre in newtown, connecticut last year. but even if byron's measure were to pass, many consider it unenforceable and the attorney general said it would be null
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and void. >> arthel: there is fallout from this week's extreme weather. right now parts of the northeast are getting a short reprieve to clean up with warmer temperatures coming in the next couple of days. the midwest dealing with snow, wind and freezing rain from the plains to the great lakes. meanwhile, demolition crews hitting plumb island, massachusetts, tearing down homes that were knocked off their foundations in yesterday's storm. we're keeping an eye on what's coming next and bring it to you later in this hour. the taliban sending a violent message to the new u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel. nearly dozen people killed by a homicide bomber in afghanistan today as the secretary makes his first visit there since taking the job. molly henneberg has more from washington. molly, just how close was secretary hagel to the site of the attack? >> gregg, he was in kabul at the time attending a briefing. but in a different part of the city. but he and others on the u.s. base, heard it.
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felt the explosion and later secretary hagel said this. >> let me express my sympathy, sincere sympathy to the families of the victims. i know about the attacks and i'm very sorry. we're at war. war didn't stop. we have a war here. and that's just the reality. >> hagel, vietnam veteran, says he's seen war and no one should be surprised that bombs explode during a war. that attack in kabul killed at least nine afghan civilians and wounded others, according to afghan officials. gregg. >> is the taliban bragging about this, taking credit? >> the taliban was quick to claim responsibility. a taliban spokesman told afp news today, quote, this was not a direct attack to target him, meaning secretary hagel. but we want to send the message
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that we are always capable of hitting kabul even when the top u.s. defense official is there. the attack in coast, came a half hour after the attack in kabul. eight children and two police officers were killed in that attack. one other note about secretary hagel's trip, he's supposed to meet with afghan president karzai tomorrow. karzai has ordered u.s. forces out of a province just outside of kabul because of allegations that afghans working with u.s. troops have been abusing afghan civilians there. hagel said he's confident that he and president karzai, quote, will be able to work this out. gregg? >> taliban taking responsibility is probably a better way of putting it. there is no credit for something like that. thank you very much. >> arthel: i understand what you mean. right now let's take a bigger picture at the war in afghanistan. today deadly attacks hardly a rare event, unfortunately. there have been at least five attacks just this year,
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including yesterday's bombing that have killed dozens of people and are troops in harm's schnee the u.s. has 68,000 troops in afghanistan. most due to leave by the end of next year. president obama is reaching out to congressional republicans this week, including picking up the tab at a rather fancy dinner in washington, d.c the white house, though, insisting the soft touch does not represent a change of strategy on his part. others, though, say the outreach is a new approach for the president as he tries to improve the fortunes for his own second term agenda. chief white house correspondent ed henry takes a fair and balanced look. >> as president obama has stepped up a charm offensive with republicans, aides insist it's no change in tone. >> i think that the president has made clear since the election, since the inaugural that he's interested in working cooperatively. >> that's not exactly how it's played out since election night. when the president talked about reaching out. >> in the weeks ahead, i also
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look forward to sitting down with governor romney, to talk about where we can work together to move this country forward. >> two days later, the president held a pep rally in the east room. >> thank you so much. >> suggested he was not that flexible. >> i'm open to new ideas. i'm committed to solving our fiscal challenges. but i refuse to accept any approach that isn't balanced. >> the confrontational approach fired up democrats, as the president hit the road again, making his case on the fiscal cliff. >> it's too important for our families to not get it done. >> the president did eventually have that lunch with romney, which yielded only an awkward photo. plus there was little outreach to rank and file republicans beyond one on ones with speaker john boehner. the president's team says the gop was dug in on taxes, so he did his best. >> he negotiated with and engaged with republican leaders and he put forward proposals that represented by any measure,
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serious compromise. >> the strategy seemed to pay off as the president got a better deal in the cliff talks. and went into his inaugural riding high. since the state of the union, though, he's had far less leverage in the sequester fight after some missteps, including exaggerations about the impact. >> whether it's sequester related, i don't know. >> backlash over shutting white house tours to save less than $100,000 a week. >> the sequester is like 85 billion and $75,000 doesn't seem like really anything. >> now with the clock ticking on lame duck status, advisors to the president say he's anxious to get a big budget deal so he can move on to the rest of the second term agenda like immigration reform. boehner calls the sudden outreach a 180 and suggests it may have little impact. >> i'm hopeful something will come out of it. but if the president continues to insist on tax hikes, i don't think we're going to get very far. >> administration officials think republicans are celebrating too early on
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sequester because it's having a big impact in states that have not been felt in washington. as for big budget deal, the president's plan was supposed to march.t in february. now we hear it won't be unveiled until april. at the white house, ed henry, fox news. >> are those automatic spending cuts costing the president politically? our political panel is here to break it all down just ahead. >> arthel: in just a few days, the college of cardinals will sit down to officially begin the process of selecting a new pope and in preparing for that main event, today the sistine chapel was outfitted with the chimney that will be used to send up the iconic smoke signal indicating a decision has been made. religion correspondent lauren green live in rome with more. hi, lauren. >> hey. there is a new sense of presence here in rome because all is in place for the conclave to begin, which means there could be a new
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pope by the end of this week. as you said, the vatican workers attached the chimney stack to the sistine chapel. from there, white or black home will be seen for the first time tuesday evening around 7:00 p.m. rome time after the cardinals electors cast their first ballot. black smoke means no pope. white smoke signals a new pope. also today, workers put the final touches on the chapel interior, arranged for the 115 men to sit in long tables under the painting "the final judgment." it is what each cardinal will say. i call as my witness christ the lord who will be my judge that my vote is given to the one who before god, i think should be elected. vatican press person says the cardinals understand that the weight of the catholic church is on their shoulders. >> this whole period has to be understood as a period of longing and waiting for the whole christian community. this is not just a story of a group, a special group of people
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who come to rome with a specific purpose to elect a pope. but in a sense, through the cardinals that are here, the entire church is gathered with them. >> we don't think that siren has anything to do with the conclave coming up. it's just in rome, this is what happens. but the vatican also released more details about how the conclave will actually proceed when it begins on tuesday. the cardinal electors will begin the day at 7:00 a.m. moving into the santa marta, their sequestered quarters on vatican grounds. then at 10:00 a.m. they will celebrate the votive mass, a mass for the election of a pope. then in the afternoon they will assemble in the pauline chapel for a grand entrance into the sistine chapel. they say the cardinals will be looking for a special leader. >> the church actually needs two men for two characteristics in one man. a ceo type who is decisive,
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competent, listens to advice and then takes action. it also means a very holy man who can empathize with four people. >> there is still appears to be no front runner among the cardinal which is will get the required two-thirds votes. but there is a lot of talk about the americans and the possibility of american pope, even though it still is a long shot. but some of the names being bandied around is cardinal timothy dolan, archbishop of new york, and cardinal sean o'malley, archbishop of boston. >> lauren green, i know you're all on top of it. thank you very much. historical times over there. see you, lauren. >> absolutely. >> honorable sendoff for one of the do little raiders. major thomas griffin was one of the volunteers who pulled off that first daring bombing of mainland japan during world war ii. just four months after the attack on pearl harbor. he recently died at the age of 96. a funeral held today complete
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with a b-25 flyover. air force honor guard and a pipe and drum corps to the passing of major griffin. only four of them remain. coming up, we'll tell but a major interstate shut down because of this. look at it. dump truck's trailer slam noose a pedestrian bridge over the highway, causing massive damage. details to follow. >> and a tragic sailboat accident off the coast of california leading to a dramatic rescue. new information coming up. >> arthel: plus, a growing chorus of anger as the people's house is shut down. shut down to the public, all in the name of budget cuts. is the white house now paying a price in the polls? our political panel weighs in. >> the white house is our white house. please let us visit ♪music plays thank you orville and wilbur... ...amelia... neil and buzz: for proving there's nowhere we can't go.
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>> gregg: welcome back. time for a quick check of the headlines. one sailor is dead, five others rescued after abandoning a racing boat off the southern california coast line. the coast guard saying the ship's rudder suddenly broke and then waves smashed it into a rocky shore line. two planes suffering damage after a collision on the tarmac at jfk airport. air india plane bumping a
3:21 pm
jetblue flight as that one was sitting at the gate. 150 jetblue passengers on board, but nobody reported injuries. royal caribbean cruise ship docking in florida with more than 100 sick passengers and doctors believe they're suffering from the noro virus. royal caribbean says the next cruise should depart on schedule. but the company is allowing passengers to reschedule. >> how do you feel right now? >> sad and kind of disappointed. kids my age get to see and how it was made and how it was put together. how everything has changed and not changed. >> it would have been really neat to go see it. >> arthel: a tour of the white house is supposed to be the perfect surprise for that little boy's eighth birthday. but it's not going to happen because you might have heard, white house is canceling tours due to those across the budget
3:22 pm
cuts. now as the doors of the people's house closed as of today, march 9, a new poll shows president obama may be feeling the political pain of those spending cuts that kicked in last week. according to a poll, his approval rating is down 8 points, following a post election high in december. are the automatic spending cuts the main reason for this? bringing in our political panel now, matt, former white house political director under president george w. bush. and bernard whitman, the democratic pollster and author of "52 reasons to vote for obama." good to see you. >> great to be here. >> arthel: i'm going to start with bernard. it might still be too early to tell, but let's go here for a second. did the president oversell the sequester and how it's supposed to affect americans' wallets and the economy? >> i don't. i think think so. he was frank. it's typical for second term presidents to see a fall in
3:23 pm
their approval numbers from the post inauguration, heady days. once you get to march and start governing, a lot of times the approval goes down. that happened toeraggen and clinten and george w bush. the daily tracking polls show it's starting to come back. i think there is reason that his approval numbers are coming back because you saw this week, in addition to the unfortunate sequester happening and those kids not being able to go to the white house, which is unfortunate, but the dow hit record highs, unemployment is its lowest in 4 1/2 years. net worth for american households is up. >> arthel: okay, okay. got it. all good points to make. bernard. can you hear me? okay. great points to make, bernard. but i want to ask you because, listen, even people in the president's own camp are saying that you may have oversold some of the effect of the across the board budget cuts. so it is a pr blunder for the president. how does he recover from this?
3:24 pm
>> i don't think it's a pr blunder for the president at all. i think what he does is he continues to try to generate support for the american people to push their congressmen and women to agree to a balanced mix of spending cuts and tax increases so we can solve the deficit problem. i think you saw it coming out of the meeting, he said i want to get this deal done by midsummer. so we don't have another problem overt debt ceiling. i think that's going to happen. americans can see that we are in the right path and with the job numbers continuing to increase, housing prices increasing, the stock market increasing, making americans more confident -- >> arthel: all right. >> i think we're going to continue on the path forward. >> arthel: all right. i wanted to give you a chance to finish that. but kind of shorten those talking point lists for me 'cause i got to go here. don't smile too much, matt. here comes the republican side. the poll approval rating for republicans in congress, let's take a look at that. yeah. so in february, december, the
3:25 pm
approval rating was 23%. and in february it's 20%. the disapproval rating currently in february taken last week is 71%. disapproval rating of the republicans in congress. let me take a look at the electricity at thats and i'll get to -- democrats and i'll get to my question. disapproval rating, 60%. basically people were just pretty much over everybody in congress. but getting back to you, matt, in this situation with the across the board budget cuts and how perhaps the overselling of the sequester maybe could be harm the president momentarily possibly, so let me ask you, is it possible for this -- is this an opportunity for the republicans to win favor with americans and perhaps get the pendulum swinging their way a bit more? >> well, in all candor, this is political peril for both parties. if republicans make it sound like those are hurting in our economy, aren't affected by government, that's a mistake. but by the same token, clearly i
3:26 pm
know we'll have a new pope in a few days or weeks, but i feel like we have a new president. he's clearly got a white flag. he's meeting with republicans he wouldn't even talk to. it's like he's got a whole different approach because he realizes that the idea that the american people were going to immediately say that allowing the sequester to happen was a mistake did not happen. his desire to kind of push through this closing of the white house tours was a huge blunder. i think they'll be changing that quickly as well. the president has made many smart political decisions over the course of the last four years and republicans have watched and not liked how good he has been on politics, i tell you -- >> arthel: matt. >> over the last two weeks he hasn't been so good. >> arthel: you're saying you think we have a new president? the president said -- >> i think we have a new approach. it's a new approach. you have to admit it. >> arthel: but isn't that good? you were complaining before that -- >> it's great. >> arthel: he's having dinners and lunches and he's having a barbecue for everybody.
3:27 pm
>> it's wonderful. the weather is going to turn. here is what's going to happen is that the president rises, he has to shift his focus and change his strategy when it comes to the budget because if sequester is the beginning of what's going to happen when it comes to the cr and these other questions, his old strategy ain't going to work. >> matt, with all due respect, i don't think the president needs to change his strategy. though i do applaud he has been inviting republicans to dine with him and the republicans have returned the favor. but 76% of the american people have said time and again that they want a mix of spending cuts and tax increases and so the republican -- >> they just got it. they just got the largest tax increase in history. you just got it. >> the tax increase on those make over $400,000 is not going to be sufficient to bring the deficit under control, even if we have -- >> he just raised taxes on every american. >> arthel: hang on one second, matt. this is four. it is important. i'm going to stay on this topic and i want to ask, what about
3:28 pm
those of the idea that the president is proposing to close the tax loopholes for the wealthy and well connected? is this going to happen or will the gop double down and refuse to do that? >> look, i think the gop has just had to go along due to the fact to that these bush tax cuts expired with the largest tax increase in history. let's correct the record, this was on every single person in america who works. they had their payroll tax increased. it wasn't just wealthy people. the fact is the economy is starting to improve. if we accept a second tier of the largest tax increase for the second largest tax increase in history, the economy is going to further weaken. it's a huge mistake and republicans won't go along with it. >> arthel: bernard, i give you 20 seconds because economists say now is not the time to cut spending. >> we'll have to have spending cuts. but the spending cuts in the way the sequester hasn't happened across the board, randomly, not targeted. not allowing us to invest in education and first responders
3:29 pm
is improper. >> oh, come on. >> you're talking about obamacare, that's over and done with. >> no, i'm not. it's a payroll tax increase. it's a payroll tax increase. >> arthel: guys, i just got in my ear that i have to cut this short. so i appreciate the spirited debate. i want it to keep going, but i can't. matt, bernard, thank you very much to both of you for expressing your perspectives. >> thank you. >> gregg: spirited. interesting. thanks. drivers in cleveland told to stay off an interstate 90 this weekend and here is the reason. look at this. what a mess. a dump truck with a raised trailer, never a good idea, slamming into a pedestrian bridge. you can actually see part of it hanging right there. you know, it looks like the bridge is a total loss. nobody was on the bridge at the time. the driver wasn't even injured. crews are taking down the entire bridge and now they're going to have to have the highway torn up
3:30 pm
again. maybe they'll get it done by rush hour on monday morning. investigators trying to figure out why the trailer was raised. >> arthel: a family is outraged after their daughter claims she was unfairly punished by her school for refusing to recite the mexican national anthem. the whole incident was caught on tape. but does this family have a case? our legal panel weighing in ne millions across the northeast are picking up the pieces after yet another powerful winter storm, especially those with homes along the coast [ kate ] many women may not be absorbing the calcium they take as well as they could because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption.
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>> arthel: welcome back. the northeast digging out from this week's winter blast. the icy storm knocking down homes and causing some major damage. now emergency crews are trying to clean everything up. david lee miller has the details from new york city. david lee? >> this is the storm that's going to be remembered as the one that took new england by surprise.
3:35 pm
according to the national weather service, winds changed direction, causing more cold air from canada to pick up moisture from the atlantic. that caused 13 inches of snow to fall at boston logan airport and more than two feet hitting nearby towns. parts of connecticut and new hampshire also digging out from more than a foot of snow. the northeast coast line was battered during the storm with three high tides causing flooding up to three feet in some towns. a number of communities called for a voluntary evacuation. and on plumb island, off the massachusetts coast, two homes were ripped from their foundation. others are near collapse. >> we have homes over on fordhamway, which is suffering pretty severe erosion. there is a few foundations that have been lost. the dune is way back. there has already been a deck with a big barrier wall that's crashed, caved in. >> the storm also left thousands of people without power and caused many schools to close across new england. some districts, however, including boston, were
3:36 pm
criticized for remaining open. the snowfall may cause problems with many budgets. it could cause a depletion of snow removal budgets. some communities say they hope to receive federal reimbursement. others say an easy winter last year resulted in a surplus that will help ease the pain. but after the clean-up, problem is going to remain a significant and costly one. that's the problem of beach erosion. back to you. >> arthel: david, those pictures are shocking. when you're not -- the weather is not in your backyard, you don't realize how bad it really was. >> it was horrific, especially for the people on plumb island and people who live there, many others are now concerned that their property is now at risk, many, many homes costing millions and millions of dollars. >> arthel: all right. david lee miller, thank you very much. >> gregg: a growing debate now after a texas family decides to sue their daughter's school, claiming she was unfairly punished for refusing to recite the mexican national anthem. the texas teen-ager first shared
3:37 pm
her story with "fox & friends" back in october. take a listen. >> she told us we were going to recite the pledge and that we were going to do the national and we were going to do all this stuff. and what was sad was that it was like right after 9-11 had just happened and i felt like no, this is wrong. >> gregg: let's bring in our legal panel, both are fox news legal analysts. mercedes, wait a minute here. this is a single cultural awareness assignment in an advanced spanish class. and therefore, it's entirely justified. what say you? >> oh, my goodness. absolutely. when i first heard about this case, i said i cannot believe in this country, there is ethnic intolerance. are you kidding? the united states is a melting pot. in ten years, 25% of the country americans will be of hispanic descent. and it's a single day, single assignment. this is not -- by the way, we're going to forget the pledge of allegiance of the united states.
3:38 pm
every day you're going to have to do the pledge of allegiance of mexico every day. of course not. that's what the school said. this is outrageous. we are all students at some point. you have an isolated assignment, you fulfill it and get good grade. >> gregg: my daughters take spanish, and they do everything from poems to songs because it helps in the learning process. you learn words and phrases that prove useful, bob. now, the student claims, hey, wait a minute. it's unamerican for me to pledge allegiance to a different country. but that's not what the teacher was having them do, was it, bob? >> well, look, my position on this, this is an advanced spanish class. why is it that she can't recite something in spanish other than the mexican pledge of allegiance and still prove the aptitude that she has in speaking advanced spanish language? >> gregg: good argument. >> why should she be imposed to do something that really constitutional e, we know there
3:39 pm
is a first amendment right that she can do it. if you're going to give somebody a grade, why don't you say you could do the pledge of allegiance of the united states. you could do it of mexico? but why impose that? that says to me, gregg, there may be an agenda potentially by this particular teacher. >> gregg: you know what's interesting, mercedes, is the supreme court reviewed this add nausea and they insist repeatedly case after case, that the rights of students, once they walk into a classroom, are not unfettered. reasonable limitations can be placed on them by the school. >> exactly. otherwise what are you going to have? absolute chaos within the school. it says it in the bylaws of the school, it says in the rules and regulations, we are entitled to have an orderly environment. what does that mean? we have regulations. we have rules. we have assignments and you, the student, have to comply with those, unless it's somehow unconstitutional. this is not. it doesn't even go to that level. >> gregg: bob, it's a slippery
3:40 pm
slope. my daughters could walk in and say, i'm not going to do today's assignment or do my homework because i feel it's violating my first amendment right. so where do you draw the line, bob? >> i would agree with you. i would agree that there has to be some discussion here. here is what we don't know. obviously this court, they're asking the court for injunctive relief for purposes of this case. i want to know more about the agenda of the teacher, gregg. i want to know more about what was really involved in all of this. then if we learn that and it's just a one assignment thing that as mercedes said, it may be they're push ago limit here, that this student really is not on solid ground. but i think we need to know a little more about this protocol and agenda before we come to a conclusion. >> gregg: the supreme court in 1943, big case, the barnett case said look, the public schools cannot force students to pledge the allegiance. but they were talking about a daily pledge to the u.s. pledge of allegiance in a completely
3:41 pm
different context. if you read more of the barnett case, it seems to argue for the proposition that a student cannot be forced to do something that violates his or her conscience. on that basis, might she have a case, her conscientious was being violated? >> it would be. i think in that case, it was talking about constant assignment to the student. here is an isolated assignment. by the way, she was given an alternate assignment. if you don't want to do the pledge to mexico, write an essay. she didn't hand in her essay. so she was given an alternate path. she refused to do the essay. that's where she got into trouble, when she didn't do the alternate. i think in that case, it was about a continuous requirement. >> gregg: let me throw up the school issue add following statement. quote, just to be clear action all students in our district recite the pledge of allegiance to the united states of america every morning of every school day. that's the spokesperson who is probably not aware of the
3:42 pm
supreme court decision. that's what they're saying. look, they seem to be saying this is being blown out of proportion. i've got to leave it at that. mercedes, bob, good to see you both. >> great to see you. >> thank you. >> arthel: that's a good conversation to have at dinner with someone. >> gregg: yeah. it actually is. >> arthel: it's a school assignment. >> gregg: it is. >> arthel: well, does president obama have the right to use drones against american citizens on u.s. soil without due process? that was the big question at senator rand paul launched a 13-hour filibuster this week. but did he accomplish more than just getting a response from the administration? [ loud party sounds ]
3:43 pm
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>> gregg: all kinds of responses to senator rand paul's 13-hour filibuster this week. it came after the senator says that he received an
3:47 pm
unsatisfactory response from attorney general eric holder to his question about whether the president has the right to use drones to strike american citizens on u.s. soil, although the attorney general, holder, addressed that very issue at a senate judiciary committee hearing just one hour before the filibuster began. >> we've gone round and round. >> let me be clear. i thought i was saying no. all right? no. >> eni am glad, after much gymnastics, i am very glad to hear it's the opinion of the department of justice that it would be unconstitutional to kill a u.s. citizen on u.s. soil if that individual did not pose an imminent threat. that statement has not been easily forth coming. i wish you had given that statement in response to senator paul's letter asking you it and i will point out that this week i will be introducing legislation in the senate to make clear that the u.s. government cannot kill a u.s.
3:48 pm
citizen on u.s. soil absent an imminent threat. and i hope based on that representation that the department will support that legislation. >> that's totally consistents with the letter that i sent to senator paul. >> gregg: did senator paul really achieve anything larger here? susan estridge, joins us, professor at the university of southern california and a fox news contributor. always a pleasure to talk to you. >> you, too. >> gregg: you know this, washington tends to be short on principles and long on grand standing. so was senator paul really standing up for meaningful principle or was it a stunt? >> i think he was standing up for a meaningful principle. look, i don't agree with senator paul on a lot of issues and saying that he was both right and inspiring may not be the logical thing you would expect from me. but i thought it was inspiring to see a man who truly believes
3:49 pm
in a principle that many in the republican party reject, which is a strong libertarian position and a fundamental commitment to the constitution has a limit on government, standing up for that principle, and drawing attention to it. >> gregg: but the principle had already been answered. and had been answered repeatedly and in full by eric holder on behalf of the president of the united states. >> well, they danced, gregg. they did dance. this business of we have no intention of doing it and, you know, not going beyond saying the intention. i mean, i understand why senator paul got frustrated. you saw senator cruz. they were dancing and dancing. when you dance in politics -- >> gregg: because here -- did you read -- you probable lea did -- he's penned this op ed today in the "washington post" and it's conspicuously missing something here. nowhere does he now mention domestic drones or on american soil. instead he's talking very
3:50 pm
bradley about -- broadly about american noncombatants. he was clever not to make that argument on the senate floor. but it kind of makes you wonder, is he trying to rewrite what he did? >> i don't know. i think what he's trying to do is to engage people in a debate that many of us just aren't comfortable with. the reality is even in the clip you showed, there was a savings clause, i would put it, a clause that said except in the case of imminent threat. and in the letter to the senator, there was a clause that said so long as they're not combatants. the question remains, as you well know, who makes those determinations? is there a court involved? we could have disagreements about what counts as an imminent threat and how good the intelligence needs to be. and there is no procedure right now and i think he's right to keep pushing it. >> gregg: okay. let me just play devil's advocate, because there were a bunch of people who thought he was doing something really goofy
3:51 pm
because nobody seriously thinks the president is going to launch hell fire missiles in wichita or new york city. and is that why, do you think, that some in his own party, including john mccain, mocked as ridiculous, that's his word, what senator paul did? >> well, i think that's unfortunate. i think there was some concern, at least that i heard among republicans, of this filibuster making them look somehow weak on defense and terrorism and not being comfortable, that the obama administration involved people was coming out as the tougher and more ready to use force and here was this republican standing up there going the other way. i tend to think that has as much to do with the criticism as anything else. >> gregg: we would invite people to read your syndicated column which addresses this and as always, great to see you. thanks. >> great to see you. >> gregg: we'll be right back .
3:52 pm
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>> gregg: getting the right printer can be a essential for professional family photos and razor sharp documents. >> arthel: yes. which one is best for you? "consumer reports" takes a look at some of the best models. here with us now, terry sullivan, "consumer reports" associate and electronics editor. how are you? >> good to be here. >> arthel: you brought three printers. let's start with this. tell us what it is, why it is so
3:56 pm
good and who should use it. >> all these printers, the epson expression premium xp 800. what that does is it's an all in one printer. as these all are. can scan and copy. has two paper trays. the next one here is an hm. >> arthel: how much is this? >> 280. that's the priciest one. the one cheaper, hp 7520, that, again, scans, copies, and also can fax. so does a really nice job, only $150. the last one here is the canonmg 63020. this one can't fax. but what it does have is the ability to scan and copy. but all these printers now also really exciting is that they can do wireless printing. so what you can do is really nice 'cause we all have a lot of mobile devices. smart phones and our tablets. so what you can do is like here, you can basically take a picture that's on your ipad, my
3:57 pm
ipad. and you can use the air print that's built into the ios. google has one as well. also you can download conon's printing app and you can hear another -- here another great thing about the printers, in terms of printing from your smart phone -- >> gregg: look how vibrant the photos are. >> they're doing a much better job, these at least print very good to excellent photos. the canon prints excellent photos and some of them, you can print 4 by 6 in under a minute. that's really fast. in the past you used to hear it going chunk, chunk. >> arthel: all of these came from this? >> they came from the canon. they also do texts really quickly now. they all at least print five text sheets of paper in under a minute. canon does it under 30 seconds, which is really important. >> arthel: how many is the can kahn? >> the canon is $200. and again, lots of -- these
3:58 pm
printers also have a lot of ink cartridges, which seems like oh -- >> arthel: that's a big deal 'cause it runs out quickly. good point. >> the thing is, with having multiple tanks, is that if you have one coloring tank and one black and white, say you have a lot of blue sky and use up a lot of blue, having multiple ink tanks is important. >> arthel: thank you. >> gregg: that's great. anywhere from 280 down to 150. >> arthel: not bad. >> gregg: that's going to do it for us. >> arthel: harris faulkner is up next with the fox report. good working with you. >> gregg: have a great weekend, everybody. ç@2x@x@x@x@x@x@x@x@
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